Recognizing that each person doesn’t exist independently of humanity and the environment, we believe it is imperative to give back as a participant in our society.

Being a triple minority-owned and minority-managed firm, we understand the challenges faced by those underrepresented and historically underserved in business and society as a whole. Historically, it is difficult for these organizations to get the most basic business services, such as investor funding, grants, banking, and more. We see this as a solvable problem that we can impact as a growing firm that serves these businesses and organizations.

As of December 2020, we have designed and adopted a mission statement that prioritizes social progress in minority leadership representation and prosperity in business and non-profits. We will make part of our mission to assist and advise minority-owned businesses and minority-managed non-profits in achieving their mission as best we can.

We will begin keeping records and metrics on the number of minority-owned businesses we have served and purchased from and publish them to our site.

Here is a list of non-profit organizations we currently support and would love to have our clients join us in supporting:

We believe these organizations have missions that meet our desire to expand access to basic business services, education, and access to capital for minority-led organizations and promote economic development in minority communities. Our list will also grow as we assist more non-profits who share our mission to establish and grow.

We have a “tip” line on our invoices, and as a client, whatever amount you donate will be forwarded to one of the organizations listed above in your name, and GSD will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to $100 (for the calendar year 2021). We will send you a thank you and an email with your receipt from that organization for your records. We hope you will join us in our goal to increase social progress.

The Founders of GSD Financial Services, LLC