We offer a myriad of services to assist you in analyzing your business’ operation and strategy. Some services we offer:

  • Operations Consulting
  • Internal Control Consulting
  • Start-up Consulting
  • Profitability Growth Consulting
  • Software Consulting
  • Automation Consulting
  • Analytics Consulting
  • Market Analysis and Pricing Consulting
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Accounting Clean-up

How GSD can help

GSD offers expert advice in developing your business plan. We interview you and partners to understand your business. We then perform research to understand the environment your business will operate in and the customers you want to reach. Our depth of financial and accounting knowledge is then used to develop budgets and forecasts to demonstrate how your business will best utilize resources to maximize return on investment.

We also offer business plans for owners looking to organize their ideas for investor proposals, strategic planning, loan approval, and more. We work with you to understand your business and put together a comprehensive document for your business complete with a financial plan. We can also monitor and report on your plan to ensure you are working to achieve objectives and targets for your business. You can purchase our planning service below.

*Assistance Preparing for Funding and Investors*

We can assist businesses in the preparation of documents for presentation to potential lenders or private investors. We can assist you in determining your business’ “fund-ability” and we also offer business credit checks and consulting to improve your chances for business credit. Contact us for help understanding your funding requirements.

Please contact us for your specific business planning needs.